Unique Motivation

I’ve been a trainer for a long time now.


Over 10 years in total.


That’s over 25,000 hours of personal training.




Man, that’s a lotta hours.


And during those hours, I have been learning my craft.


Training all types of people.


All shapes and sizes.


All fitness levels and abilities.


And over the years, I have learned how to motivate and inspire pretty much any individual that walks through the Zenith Fit doors and onto a program.


Each person has a unique way of being motivated, and this is something I know I am very good at.


And this empathy, and ability to read each clients current mood, based around their career, social life, and personal life, sets me apart from most trainers.


I CAN help you get to where you want to be with your body, and mind.


I know I will get you there.


It just takes a little bit of trust from you, to give me the chance to change your circumstances.


Whether online or face to face, I will transform you.


Both methods work really well, and will depend on each individual’s circumstances.


I guarantee I will transform you.


And not just physically, mentally too.


That’s a strong skill of mine, to help people and their mentality towards themselves, and  approach to their body.


This may sound like I am just begging myself up….


And I guess I am.


I’m confident in my ability as a coach, and a mentor.


And I am 1000% confident I will get you results.


You just need to trust me…


Trust the process…


And trust yourself!