Vision Helps Decision

Vision Helps Decision


Without vision, it’s very difficult to stay focused at any task.


Without vision it becomes difficult to stay on track when things get tough.


Without vision it’s easy to fall off the wagon.


To stay the course, and have clarity in what you want to achieve, you need to have a vision before you begin.


This could be a career goal or target.


A health related goal.


A physique related target.


An income goal.


Whatever your goal, with a clear vision and direction, it will be so much easier to make rational decisions to help you get there.


Without a vision, when things go off track, (which they will), it becomes very difficult to get back on track.


So have a think about what you want to achieve.


Where you want to see yourself in 3 months time.


A year’s time.


5 Years time.


Visualise it. Feel it. Believe it.


Your decision making will be so much better.


And you’ll thank yourself for it!