Running Program

The Zenith Fit 6 week Run Program is designed to help you start to build up a love for running.


From day 1 you will have a structured workout and running schedule to help you get the most from this 6-week program.


You will have interactive conditioning workouts to build up strength in the areas required to help you adjust to a running program, along with warm up and cool down routines, as well as a steady, developmental running schedule to help ease you into running further than you have before, in an enjoyable way.


The program is generally designed for beginners, but will also be beneficial if recovering from injury, or even if you just want to improve health by becoming more active.

Why choose the Running Program?


The program is designed for people who are looking at beginning a running program in a safe and effective way, either for the first time, or after time away from the activity. The program gradually increases in distance and duration in a safe, manageable and effective way. It’s designed to make running more enjoyable, and not seem like a chore.

  • Easy does it

    There will be no shocks with this run program. The workouts and running sessions are designed to slowly help your body adapt to the activity in order to prevent injury, but also to help encourage, and inspire you to get the most from the 6-week program.

  • Fits any lifestyle

    The program is designed to fit the busiest of lifestyles with an easy to follow schedule and workout plan.

What's Included



There are Zenith Fit PT’s and Coaches on hand if you have any questions or need some guidance

Fully Comprehensive Program

You receive a fully comprehensive program suited around your lifestyle, training and nutritional requirements

Interactive Conditioning Workouts

There are also interactive workouts to help condition you for a stronger running performance


Enjoy your run!

Question Time

Hopefully you enjoy your Free Running Program.


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