Evolve 28 Day Fat Loss Program


Evolve 28 Day Fat Loss Program

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The 28 Day Fat Loss program is designed completely around your lifestyle to help create fantastic results. Over the course of the next 28 days we will implement a training and nutritional, program as well as complete accountability, to help you reach a new level of health, fitness, confidence, and achieve fantastic fat loss results.


The Evolve 28 Day program gives you the structure and support you need to reach your fat loss destination.


After initial application, you will be sent a pre program questionnaire which will help me create the ultimate program for you. Through this consultation, we will design an exercise program to suit your lifestyle and to help you maximise your results over the course of the next 28 days.


Customisable calorie and macronutrient calculations, as well as personalised meal plans are provided to help ensure we can get the most from your training and maximise your results.


Zenith Fit specialises in fat loss and helping people achieve life changing results. I cant wait to see what we can do for you!!