14 Day Challenge - Thank You

Welcome to the 14 Day Challenge

Welcome to the Challenge

Thank you for enrolling onto the 14 day Program!

It’s time to get cracking, and you should be receiving the first email for Day 1 of the challenge on Monday the 16th October.

Then, you can start with the tasks in hand.

Also, there is a brilliant community you can become a part of for the next 2 weeks within the private Facebook group. Please apply for the group by clicking the link HERE and I will accept you in.

Please take a minute to watch the video above, which should explain a bit more about the challenge and what it entails.

I can’t wait to get started and help teach you how to start losing body fat, and sustain great results.

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Join the private Facebook Group

As part of this free 14 day challenge, there is a private Facebook Group where I will post the daily challenges, jump onto live videos, answer any questions you may have, and upload freebies and extras as a part of the challenge.

To join the group, please request by clicking the button below and I will accept you into the group when the challenge is about to begin.