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5***!! I highly recommend Mark and his Zenith Fit program!

5***!! I highly recommend Mark and his Zenith Fit program! My fitness had plateaued with my 2 spin classes a week and I was slowly gaining weight from a poor diet. During the 12 week program I have lost 7 lbs and feel so much more toned, healthier and fitter! The HIIT workouts Mark has put together are great to do on the days I'm not at the gym. They're so easy to follow with his YouTube videos, you can do them anywhere; I even managed them everyday whilst on holiday - it's like having a PT session anytime or place! There's plenty of them too so they never get boring. His recipes are quick, tasty & filling! I have struggled to cut out all of my bad habits (chocolate and odd take aways) so I know I could have lost more weight, if I had been more strict and followed his diet plan properly. The highlight has been the weekly PT sessions in the gym with Mark, they are so enjoyable and totally addictive! I was so nervous in my first session but Mark is very easy going whilst always maintaining professionalism. Every week is different and Mark always pushes me to work at my maximum whilst having fun. It is challenging but I always leave on a high! He's always there to help with any queries I've had and couldn't be more motivating if he tried! He is the best personal trainer, I can't wait to start my next 12 weeks and see my fitness and body change even more for the better! Thank you Mark!!

Through the sweat and the laughter I am seeing great results!

Mark is an absolutely amazing PT who is well worth the 5 stars and more. He has been so supportive and knowledgeable in all areas of health and nutrition! He has taught me new work outs, demonstrated techniques, equipment and machines so I feel confident in my work out. My fitness levels have tremendously improved which I never felt would be possible. He really pushes you and creates unique work outs that are never boring, but simple and effective that can be used outside of the gym to. I genuinely look forward to my sessions, through the sweat and the laughter I am seeing great results! I really cannot thank him and recommend him enough.

Thank you, Zenith Fit, for changing my life

I signed up for Zenith Fit with little hope, having battled with my weight for years. But, within a few months, I was blown away by the results. Mark was incredibly supportive, providing personalised advice and encouragement. I learned about proper nutrition, effective exercise, and most importantly, how to make these healthy habits a part of my everyday life. I'm not just lighter on the scale, but I'm happier and healthier too. Thank you, Zenith Fit, for changing my life!

What sets Zenith Fit apart is its focus on lasting fat loss

Before Zenith Fit, I never thought I could lose weight and actually keep it off. My coach was supportive, patient and constantly motivated me, even when I felt like quitting. What sets Zenith Fit apart is its focus on lasting fat loss and building a positive connection with food and exercise. I've dropped three dress sizes, and I've never felt better in my life. This program truly delivers on its promises!

Working with Zenith fit has changed my outlook on exercise and nutrition

Working with Zenith fit has changed my outlook on exercise and nutrition. I have toned up, losing weight in the process, whilst my overall strength and fitness has improved dramatically during the 12 weeks with Zenith fit. Zenith fit set realistic and personalised goals that are achievable with 100% hard work and commitment. I am now able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own and during my weekly one to one CrossFit PT sessions, Zenith fit knew exactly when to push me that little bit further whilst always being on hand with outstanding advice and encouragement sharing his expert knowledge. Zenith fit sessions are always fun, whilst he continues to mix up the training, so it never got boring. Whilst you are in the gym training on your own you can utilise the zenith fit app, which is very user friendly with video guidance to exercises, you can also log your workouts which enables Zenith fit to monitor your weekly progress. It’s been a pleasure to train with Zenith fit and I can’t recommend him enough!

Knowledgeable, motivated and dedicated

Knowledgeable, motivated and dedicated to getting the results you want. Mark is a fantastic PT with an extensive knowledge base of nutrition and fitness. Have enjoyed the last 6 months immensely and look foward to the next few months of stepping up the pace!

He makes the workouts fun and gives you loads of confidence

I spent the last 8 weeks with Mark to get myself fit and stronger for pre season football and I’m amazed with the results! He listened to what I wanted and it was perfect. He makes the workouts fun and gives you loads of confidence, it was like spending 8 weeks with a good friend to be honest. Money well spent. Thanks for everything Mark !

Can’t recommend this guy enough

5* service and amazing non-stop support all the way. Zenith Fit has really changed my mindset on life and made me 100% more confident in the gym. Zenith Fit has broken down the nutritional side of things with both suggestions and monitoring it all the way. My goals seem to be so much easier to achieve. Can’t recommend this guy enough. My only big regret is I didn’t take the plunge sooner!

Words fall short in expressing how grateful I am to Zenith Fit

Words fall short in expressing how grateful I am to Zenith Fit. The guidance, advice, and resources they provided were crucial in helping me achieve my goals. This program isn't just about losing weight, it's about creating changes you can maintain for a lifetime. The best part? I never felt as if I was on a restrictive diet. I've lost 40 pounds and I'm still going strong. Don't hesitate, Zenith Fit works!

The only regret I have is that I hadn’t done it sooner

It’s exactly 12 months to the day since I took that first nervous step to turning my life around and it has been the most amazing and rewarding 12 months I have had for a very long time. This was the day I started my journey with Mark and his Zenith Fit for Life program and also the very first time I had ever set foot inside a gym. I had been having a few rough years, was at a very low ebb & knew I had to do something to gain back any sort of quality of life. From the moment I stopped shaking enough to send that very first message I haven’t regretted it for one single second. The only regret I have is that I hadn’t done it sooner, but there’s no point dwelling on the past, I was ready to change my future. Mark has given me and continues to give me the tools, support & motivation to sustain a much happier, healthier & fitter lifestyle & I am now living the best life I can. Not only have I lost quite a lot of weight but I have also gained back my confidence, self-esteem & most importantly my self-respect. As a direct knock-on effect this has enabled me to make quite a few positive changes to my life both personally & professionally. It has been hard work at times and it has taken patience but doesn’t everything in life which is worth having. I have stepped out of my comfort zone many times but having Mark there as a constant support & to give reassurance has made it a whole lot easier. What I have gained out of the last 12 months far outweighs the work I have put in. I truly can’t recommend Mark & Zenith Fit highly enough & he will probably never fully realise the difference he has made to the quality of my life. So, Happy Anniversary and a massive thanks Mark and also to my extended Zenith Fit Locker Room family, I’ve had a superb 12 months going strong and staying strong. It will take a lot to top 2018 but with new goals to work towards we will give it our best shot and make 2019 just as epic, if you don’t mind me hanging around a bit longer.

My mood, skin, sleep, work ethic have all been changed but most of all my diet

Mark is a great trainer. I love my sessions and I'm seeing great results in my body and fitness. When I first thought about going I was worried as I hate gyms and also with Mark being young and fit I was really anxious but with in one minute that totally left. He really pushes you but makes it enjoyable too, you leave feeling like you can take on the world. My mood, skin, sleep, work ethic have all been changed but most of all my diet. It's hard to make that change but when you do you really feel and see the results. His passion for what he does really comes though and is always there to support you when you need it or feel like giving in the towel. Would highly recommend.

Zenith Fit has been an absolute game changer for me

Zenith Fit has been an absolute game changer for me! Initially, I had my doubts - could this really be different from all the other weight loss strategies I've tried? But within just a few weeks, I started seeing significant changes. My coach was knowledgeable, approachable, and tailored a plan to my unique lifestyle and goals. Now, I've not only shed pounds, but I've also developed a whole new outlook on health and wellness. Highly recommended!

I've enjoyed every minute

‘I’ve just come to the end of my 16 week stint with Zenith Fit and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Mark! His understanding of me, what I wanted and what I struggled with was second to none. He adapted the programme to fit in with my changing goals, from weight loss first of all, to then generally toning up and lastly targeting my tummy area. Always on the end of the phone with words of encouragement and tips to motivate, with a sixth sense as to when a call was needed! No question was too stupid and he genuinely wanted me to hit my goal, whatever that was. I’ve enjoyed every minute and come away with all the tools I need to continue my health and wellness journey. Thanks Mark.’

The best decision I ever made

20 months ago I made the decision to sign up for Zenith Fit. I was struggling to reach any goals, struggling with eating disorders, had low energy levels and didn’t know where to turn. My first session I was so nervous, but fairly confident that I had a reasonable fitness level. Mark put me straight at ease and I forgot all of my worries and left the session excited for a new venture. Within only a few weeks I was seeing improvements. Mark & Zenith Fit has honestly been the best decision I have ever made, he has been there through every step of the way and has worked tirelessly to find solutions to help me reach my targets. I have so much to thank Mark for, that he probably doesn’t realise. He talks to me in a non judgemental way. He has supported me through my nutritional struggles and despite my stubbornness he hasn’t given up on me. So thank you Mark!!

Zenith Fit was the missing piece in my weight loss journey

Zenith Fit was the missing piece in my weight loss journey. I've tried countless diets, gym memberships, and even weight loss pills, but nothing seemed to stick. This program taught me the science behind weight loss and offered practical tools for success. Mark was my number one supporter, encouraging me to persist. Now, I'm down 20 pounds and I've never felt more vibrant or self-assured. Zenith Fit is worth every penny

He's totally cured my gym phobia!

Mark is amazing- so personable and put me at ease straight away. He's totally cured my gym phobia! I actually love going now. I saw results within 4 weeks of starting his programme and still managing to maintain it!

The results are amazing!!

I decided to do the 12 week fitness programme with Zenith to get myself fitter and stronger, after realising my energy levels had taken a knock. Mark helped me with a fitness regime to work around me and my gym in my local area to get the best results for me. Mark has given me unbelievable amount of support and has pushed me further than I would of pushed my self. 12 weeks later I am fitter, stronger and healthier than I ever have been. And the results are amazing!! Thank you so much for all your help

Mark is a 5 star Personal Trainer & Coach

He is passionate about and fully committed to helping people reach their goals and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone wanting to invest in their long term health and fitness. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without him and his program. So thank you Mark for the past 12 weeks I’ve had a blast, but this is not the end of the story, it is just the beginning.

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