The Evolve Program


Zenith Fit Evolve Program


Develop an unbeatable mindset, and achieve unbelievable results!


Discover how the Zenith Fit Evolve program can help you achieve the results you have always dreamed of, without the need to restrict your diet and spending hours in the gym.


In JUST 28 Days!!


(Also, if you’re worried about the cost, we have many payment plans to suit your requirements)


Enrol TODAY ready for May 3rd Start Date

Lost Motivation? You’re not alone…..


This past 12 months has been a challenge for everyone, there’s no denying that.


But what if I said to you that this slower paced world was giving us an opportunity to do the things we always said we didn’t have the time for?


Right now, we have never had more time to focus on the things that we have always brushed to one side and  said ‘I’ll start on Monday’.


We have a chance to make a big change in our lives.


Why not make the time we have now the most productive time of our lives?


Now, Im not saying you need to be motivated all the time. Thats not possible.


But with the right structure, accountability and inspiration in place, you could make the changes you have always longed for.


And that exactly what I intend to do with The Evolve Program…..


I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wasn't in a very nice place when I started this program , I knew exactly what I should be doing healthwise but just couldn't motivate myself. You have helped me more than you know by setting me back on track, helping to get my restore my willpower and my mental health has also improved.

So, Why is the Evolve Program Different?

With my Evolve 28 Day Fat Loss Challenge, I will show you exactly how to lose body fat


How to create a mindset that will teach you how to hold yourself accountable


And make sure you have all the tools required to achieve any goals you set out on achieving


So many people start exercise programs, only to give up and quit after a week or two


The problem?


They have never been TAUGHT how to lose body fat


And more importantly, keep it off


The Evolve Program does just that!


Ok, What's In The Program?

In the Evolve Program you will get:


1. Weekly Check ins with me

I do 2 check ins per week, as well as provide unlimited support through messenger.


2. Join the Evolve community 

The private group is the best, The Evolve community is so supportive and being a part of that will give you the biggest drive.


3. Full accountability

Every few days you have to complete a short survey which will take no longer that 1 minute.
This is to make sure you stick to your goals and report back to a database that i can see.

You don’t get this from anywhere else


4. Varied Training

The HIIT workouts are added into the group to give you some variation to your current program, or if you want to do that bit extra


5. Recipe section 

You’ll get recipe books as well as recipe videos which are updated weekly


6. Yoga

There is a yoga session included once per week (every wednesday) this is an epic way to mix up your workout program and get a bit of chill time.
Not only yoga but Sunday meditation as well.


7. Training plan

I’ll devise you a specific training plan to suit your goals depending on how often you can train per week, your current levels of fitness, any injuries you may have, and also what equipment you have or don’t have.


8. Educational videos 

This program is full of my exclusive coaching videos that also get updated on a regular basis.


9. Tools 

I’ve added all the tools you need in their that you’ll use to help you, I’ve actually removed everything no ones uses

I hate having tools for the sake of it, so I’ve created simplicity


RESULTS!! I guarantee that when the 28 days is up, you will look and feel fantastic!!

It's amazing what you can achieve in just 28 days with the right support & guidance.

Not just transforming your body, but educating too…..


A transformation shouldn’t be something you want to achieve for a holiday. It should be something that helps you feel confident and inspired for life.


Within the Evolve Program you will learn to develop your skills to understand fat loss through exercise, nutrition, and mindset.


These are just a few past clients who have excelled through an improved education and knowledge to fat loss…..

How does the Evolve Program work?


1. Well firstly, you need to take a leap of faith and sign up to the program. This means overcoming that natural self doubt that we all have and making a commitment to change your life. Once signed up, you will receive an email with some downloadable documents that will be useful to your program, as well as a questionnaire which will need to be filled in and submitted.


2. Then, you Join the closed Facebook group. This is where everyone on the current program can interact with each other. Its also where I will be posting my seminars and tutorial lessons. The accountability of the Facebook group is PRICELESS!!


3. Using the information submitted in your questionnaire, you will be sent your training program for the 28 days. These workouts can be done at home or in the gym, and depending on what equipment you do or don’t have. It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you are currently at, the program will be written specifically for YOU! You also wont need to spend hours working out. The workouts will be time efficient to suit your lifestyle.


4. You will then be sent your calorie and macronutrient targets, as well as recipe books complete with MyFitnessPal barcodes for easy tracking. There is a big focus on educating around nutrition during the program.


5. You will have access to a library of educational tutorial videos to answer any question you may have covering mindset, motivation, exercise principles and nutrition.


6. Transform Yourself! This is the whole reason you’re here, right? To transform yourself. Fantastic!! But look, I can’t lift the weights or cook the food for you. Its down to you to have the dedication and determination to make these changes, but I know for a fact, that if you tiles all of the tools at your disposal within the Evolve Program, you can literally change you life in JUST 28 Days!!

You also get access to the MyZenith App


The MyZenith app will help you take your exercise and nutrition to the next level, all from your pocket. With workout programs, food logging integration with MyFitnessPal, as well as a fully interactive messaging service, you’ll be able to stay on track from literally anywhere in the world, at any time.

  • View, track and log your workouts
  • Log & track your nutrition & calories
  • Speak to your coach at any time with the in app messaging service
  • Exercise demonstrations and tutorials
  • Track your progress with up to date graphs and data
  • And so much more……….