Fit For Life Program

An Interactive Training Program that gets results for JUST £19.99

Change that can last a lifetime

Change your body and lifestyle by creating a sustainable, highly effective and enjoyable online interactive training program that you will be able to continue to use for the rest of your life.

The 12 week Fit For Life Digital Program teaches you how to train more efficiently as well as helping you to love your food, and still get amazing results.



12 weeks of interactive workouts and digital nutritional plan designed to get you results for life

Anytime Anywhere

The workouts are designed to work around the most hectic lifestyles – anywhere at anytime


Workout with very little space and minimal equipment throughout the program


A structured meal plan allowing you to enjoy healthy, tasty meals while making amazing progress

Video Workouts

Each workout has been filmed so that you can workout with me in real time with the correct technique


Email support to help you with any issues that may come up throughout the 12 weeks

3 Zones

The program is split into 3 zones – pushing your training levels as your body transforms


You’ll be able to access everything you need through a secure account on the Zenith website

Zone One - Shred

In the first Zone, you’ll be shredding your body combing intense interval training and a specially designed nutritional program

Zone Two - Sculpt

Continue to burn fat but also build and tone lean muscle at the same time via new training techniques and a freshly designed nutritional program

Zone Three - Maintain

Work on maintaining and improving your new physique. You’ll be training at a new intensity which works around your lifestyle

A comprehensive training plan that gets amazing results

The Fit For Life Interactive Training Program is a ready to use program that has been created to get you results through challenging interactive workouts.

Along with a structured meal plan full of delicious and healthy meals to help you meet you calorie requirements, and 3 Zones built around losing body fat, getting fitter, stronger, healthier and happier.

The transformation of a lifetime

You can change your body and lifestyle by creating a sustainable, enjoyable and effective training program that you will be able to continue long after the 12 week program is complete.
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