High Intensity Training

If you don’t want the full package but want to be pushed hard, this is for you……


Pushing yourself to train as hard as you can is tough. Thats where Zenith Fit can help. The Block bookings are just standard workout sessions, where we aim to push you so you can start to fulfil your physical potential.

Every workout will be different, and will challenge you in a new way, testing your body and preventing you from getting bored of exercise.

What's Included



The block bookings are for a minimum of 4 weeks and can be renewed upon review at the end of each block


The workouts will be varied and challenging, pushing you to a new level of fitness you never thought possible


There are no nutritional programs for the block booking sessions

Body Analysis

Each program begins with a full body analysis which will be conducted every 2 weeks to keep accountability and check progress throughout the program


Targets will be set to help you visualise a goal, and will be adjusted as the program develops


There will be guidance from your coach, but not as comprehensive as the full program options

Transformations that last a lifetime


Check out some of these awesome transformations that have been achieved on the Zenith Fit programs

My Zenith App


The brand new My Zenith Fit app is included with this program and will help you take your performance to the next level. Filled with state of the art features that will enhance your fitness journey.

  • View & track workouts
  • Track nutrition & calories
  • Keep in-touch with your Zenith PT with direct messaging
  • Schedule and book sessions
  • Track and share your progress
  • Plus much more!

Whats the Price?

Discussed Upon Application


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