90 Day Transformation Program


90 Day Transformation Program


Change your whole life in just 90 Days!


Don’t just follow a workout or nutritional plan……..Learn and understand how you can reach your fitness goals, and sustain that for the rest of your life with a healthy approach to food and exercise.


With the 90 Day Transformation program you’ll get full access to the MyZenith App (available for both IOS and Android devices)  giving you access to thousands of workouts, nutrition plans, exercise demonstrations, as well as unlimited interaction with the support team.


You also get unlimited access to the Zenith Fit Network (ZFN). This is a video Library of hundreds and hundreds of video tutorials and educational tips to help you get the most from the program. You will also have access to hundreds of recipes, recipe videos, exercise demonstrations and full workouts.


We will set you up with a plan, structure, accountability and unrivalled support to guarantee you amazing results!!


Educational videos to help you form a good understanding of how you can use a new found knowledge of training, exercise and nutrition, to help you create sustainable fat loss results.


We’ll also calculate your calorie and macronutrient requirements, as well as teach you the art of flexible dieting to help ensure you can still enjoy your social life, and still get results.


With two check ins per week (minimum), you’ll never be alone.


Don’t just exercise 24/7, and eat lettuce……


Learn to get amazing results, in the most sustainable way for you!

Who is the 90 Day Transformation Program for?


The 90 Day Transformation Program is for people who are fed up of trying everything.


Fed up of wasting money.


Fed up of wasting time.


Who are serious about investing in themselves.


And fed up of not getting results!!


If you want to make BIG changes in your life, then this program is just for you.


If you feel you need to be more accountable for your actions, then this program is just for you.


All you need is wifi, a smartphone or laptop, a fresh mindset, some determination, and the courage to take this next step in your life.


You will get structured, personalised workouts and programs built around your goals and needs, at home or in the gym. Full nutritional coaching to help you reach a balanced approach to your nutrition and diet.


I can guarantee you will learn new methods on how to train like never before, and to eat the foods you love, while still hitting your goals.


And you’ll never feel alone. Not only will you be able to speak to your PT via the MyZenith App and private messaging service, you will also have access to the private Facebook Group and join a community of likeminded individuals.  You also get the option for a weekly phone/video call to discuss goals and targets for the week. No question is left unanswered.


This is unlike any other Transformation Program you have seen or heard of.


We wont just transform your physique, we will transform your mindset. In just 90 Days!

  • Lose fat or build lean muscle
  • Ready to make a change in your life
  • Ready to take on a new, healthier lifestyle
  • Fully Committed
  • Build confidence, self esteem, and achieve a new relationship with your health and fitness

What's Included



The program will run for a total of 90 days, with the option to extend or cancel at any time after the initial period


Your workouts and exercise programs will be uploaded to your MyZenith App or Desktop on a monthly basis


Learn to eat some of the foods you love, and still lose body fat or build a lean physique. Creating a healthy relationship with food and still getting you great results

Check Ins

There will be two official check ins per week (minimum), once on a Monday and once on a Thursday, to discuss any issues, or answer any questions you have. PLUS a weekly video/phone call to assess targets and goals. You also will have a private messaging system to chat about your issues, problems or questions at any time


Targets will be set at the start of your program, and adjusted throughout the program as you learn more, and put all the teachings into practice


We are only a message away throughout your whole program to help you in times of struggle, if you need some motivation, or just have a question or two. You also have the opportunity of a weekly video or phone call to discuss your options and targets.You’ll never be alone during your program, and we answer messages either via the MyZenith App or via Telegram App.

Not just transforming your body, but also your mindset


A transformation shouldn’t be something you want to achieve for a holiday. It should be something that helps you feel confident and inspired.


By changing your health and physique, your self esteem will soar, and this could open up a whole new world of opportunities.


Check out these transformations from past and present Zenith Fit clients, who not only managed great results, but also saw their confidence go through the roof…….

MyZenith App


The MyZenith app will help you take your exercise and nutrition to the next level, all from your pocket. With workout programs, food logging and tracking, as well as a fully interactive messaging service, you’ll be able to stay on track from literally anywhere in the world, at any time.

  • View, track and log your workouts
  • Log & track your nutrition & calories via MyFitnessPal integration
  • Speak to your coach at any time with the in app messaging service
  • Exercise demonstrations and tutorials
  • Track your progress with up to date graphs and data
  • And so much more……….

ZFN (The Zenith Fit Network)


The ZFN is a Coaching Hub like no other. With literally hundreds of video tutorials around your training, exercise, nutrition, mentality and mindset, helping to coach you and to understand how to lose body fat and sustain that loss for life!


You will also get access to hundreds of recipes, recipe videos, exercise demonstrations and workouts to make sure we are covering every angle of your health and fitness.

  • Videos on Training and Exercise, both foundational and advanced
  • Detailed analysis of nutrition and creating a sustainable diet
  • Lessons on how to develop and unbeatable mindset and approach to your health and body
  • Hundreds of exercise demonstrations and full workouts to follow along to
  • Recipe Books and Recipe Videos to give you a wide range of nutritional options
  • And so much more……….

Ready to start??