The Strength & Conditioning Program

Strength & Conditioning to help improve athletic performance


Improving athletic performance isn’t easy. But with the right training protocols, techniques as well as optimal nutritional programming, you’ll see how your body can perform to its absolute best.


It may only take a few tweaks here and there, but small chances could make all the difference.

What's Included



The program will run for 12 weeks with the option of either 2 x 30-minute workouts or 1 x 45-minute workout per week


Gym and home workouts are provided as well as the occasional outdoor workout in relation to your sport. Each workout will be specifically designed to help you achieve your best physical performance


Your macronutrient split and calorie requirements for optimal performance will be calculated, and you’ll never be stuck for healthy meal ideas with 100’s of Zenith Fit recipes to work with.

Body Analysis & Check Ins

We’ll start your program with a full body analysis, conducted every 2 weeks to help keep accountability and track progress throughout the program. There will also be two check ins per week to discuss how the program is going


Targets will be continually set and adjusted as you hit and surpass


You will receive unrivalled & unlimited support throughout your program to help motivate and educate you as the program develops.

Excel with your physical performance


With sports performance, we are not just looking for a short term fix. Our aim is to help teach you the training techniques and methods, as well as the correct way to fuel your body for optimal performance, throughout your athletic career.


Not only will you receive one to one Personal Training, helping you to master the correct techniques training protocols, you will have unlimited access to your Zenith Fit coach via the in app messaging service. This will allow for greater accountability to enhance your progress, and ultimately help you achieve the greatest results.

MyZenith App


The MyZenith app is included with this program and will help you take your performance to the next level. Filled with state of the art features that will enhance your fitness journey.

  • View & track workouts
  • Track nutrition & calories
  • Keep in-touch with your Zenith PT with direct messaging
  • Exercise tutorials & demonstrations
  • Track and share your progress
  • Plus much more!

One Payment


3 Monthly Installments


Want to get started?

If you want to get started on the Strength & Conditioning program or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to guide you on your performance journey!