Virtual PT


Zenith Fit Virtual Personal Training offers a whole new dynamic to exercise.


It’s just like one to one PT in the gym, but not.


If you don’t quite feel confident enough to join a gym or just haven’t got the time in the day to travel to the gym where your Personal Trainer is based, then training from home via video interaction could well be the best option for you.

Train the way you want.


Virtual Personal Training allows you a lot more freedom to train from the comfort of your own home, with your own equipment and with the same intensity and quality that a one to one training session in the gym would offer.


The service is offered via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom video calls, and allows your PT to motivate and push you on a one to one level, and still correct technique as well as discuss nutritional issues and difficulties you may be having.


So if you feel like one to one training in the gym may not be achievable right now, then Virtual Personal Training is the perfect solution.


Get the results you want. Your way.

What's Included



The program will run over 12 weeks with the option of either 2 x 30-minute workouts or 1 x 45-minute workout per week. During the 12 weeks we aim to help you develop new habits that will help you sustain a healthier lifestyle throughout your life.


You will be provided with home or gym workouts, or both depending on your circumstances, to help you reach your fat loss goals. Each workout will be tailored to suit your needs as discussed with your coach. So don’t worry, the sessions will be challenging based around your current health & fitness level.


You will receive customised macro & calorie measurements to help you in your quest for fat loss. Combine this with the Zenith Fit recipe books and you’re all set to eat your way to burning fat

Body Analysis

Each program begins with a full body analysis which will be conducted every 2 weeks to keep accountability and check progress throughout the program, which will in turn help us to set new targets and goals


We will continually set and adjust your targets and goals in conjunction with your program to ensure we continually challenge you and push the boundaries


Unlimited guidance and advice will be provided when you require it. Zenith Fit aims to be as fully comprehensive as possible to give you every opportunity to achieve your targets by being available for you when you need it most

Transformations that last……


Helping you reach a new level of health & fitness is something I am passionate about and will leave no stone unturned. Over the course of the program you will learn correct training techniques as well as how to track calories and macronutrients, to fit alongside a healthy, balanced diet that won’t take over your whole life.


Not only will you receive one to one coaching, helping you to master the correct techniques training protocols, you will have unlimited access to your Zenith Fit coach via the My Zenith app. This will allow for greater accountability to enhance your progress, and ultimately help you achieve the greatest results.

My Zenith App


The brand new My Zenith Fit app is included with this program and will help you take your performance to the next level. Filled with state of the art features that will enhance your fitness journey.

  • View & track workouts
  • Track nutrition & calories
  • Keep in-touch with your Zenith PT with direct messaging
  • Schedule and book sessions
  • Track and share your progress
  • Plus much more!

Want to get started?

If you want to get started on the Virtual PT program or have any questions, please apply below. We’ll be happy to guide you on your fitness journey!