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Sometimes words just mean more…..


Here are some written testimonials showing some amazing journeys achieved by some truly fantastic people

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Mark is a 5 star Personal Trainer & Coach. He is passionate about and fully committed to helping people reach their goals and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone wanting to invest in their long term health and fitness. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without him and his program. So thank you Mark for the past 12 weeks I’ve had a blast, but this is not the end of the story, it is just the beginning.

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20 months ago I made the decision to sign up for Zenith Fit. I was struggling to reach any goals, struggling with eating disorders, had low energy levels and didn’t know where to turn. My first session I was so nervous, but fairly confident that I had a reasonable fitness level. Mark put me straight at ease and I forgot all of my worries and left the session excited for a new venture. Within only a few weeks I was seeing improvements.


Mark & Zenith Fit has honestly been the best decision I have ever made, he has been there through every step of the way and has worked tirelessly to find solutions to help me reach my targets.


I have so much to thank Mark for, that he probably doesn’t realise. He talks to me in a non judgemental way. He has supported me through my nutritional struggles and despite my stubbornness he hasn’t given up on me. So thank you Mark!!

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For years I was trying to lose body fat and tone up. And for years I failed time and time again. I just couldn’t crack it. I was becoming very frustrated. So I took the plunge and contacted Mark at Zenith Fit Ltd. I’ve never looked back. As I had a very busy work schedule I signed up for the online coaching, and it was such a great decision. Mark was always there when I needed help and set my nutritional programming and exercise program in a way that was manageable and sustainable. The fat started melting off and I can’t thank Mark enough.

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Mark has to be the most motivated person I have ever met!! Before starting with Zenith Fit I was working out regularly but never felt like I was getting anywhere. Mark has introduced me to a whole new way of training. The sessions are tough but fantastic. He pushes me to my limits and I absolutely love it.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mark to anyone. If you’re thinking about it, but unsure, just go for it. I wish I’d taken the leap years ago!

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I took the decision to approach Mark just over 3 months ago.


Mark immediately makes you feel at home in the gym. The sessions are challenging, but that’s what your there for! No two sessions are ever the same, the variety is incredible. It is challenging, but it is so rewarding! Mark is extremely professional and very knowledgeable. For me personally, Mark introduced me to exercises I would never have dreamed of attempting, and instilled in me the confidence and belief to perform these exercises outside of PT sessions. The advice and knowledge that Mark gives has helped me to make exercise and healthy living an enjoyable way of life.


I am a changed person, physically and mentally, because of my decision to train with Mark.

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I was looking to make a change in my life and wanted to get fitter and healthier. I saw one of the transformations for a Zenith Fit program and contacted Mark to see what he could do for me. Before I knew it I was signed up and was tracking my calories and exercising like I had never done before. It really opened my eyes to what I could achieve. I’m so glad I took the plunge and would encourage anybody to do the same.

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WOW – what a difference 2 years makes! Massive improvements in fitness and energy levels, much more confident and loving a healthier balanced lifestyle, and around 3 stone lighter!


Small changes in daily lifestyle soon become habits and before you know it drinking 3 litres of water and walking every morning are just routine.


The whole process is an amazing experience from being pushed to your limits in the gym sessions, workouts that can be done at home, daily emails, recipes for healthy eating and regular check ins, Mark makes it easy providing all the tools needed for a healthy lifestyle.


Mark is a fantastic trainer, his knowledge, support and motivation is second to none and can’t recommend him and Zenith Fit enough.

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When I first approached Mark I was a bit apprehensive towards the whole thing. It was very much out of my comfort zone. However Mark put was so welcoming and empathised with everything I told him.


When we started the program the level of detail and constant support was fantastic and really helped to keep me on track, even when I was struggling for motivation. The protocols and program design has definitely help me to create new habits that I hope to continue long into the future.

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The main thing I noticed when starting my program with Zenith Fit was regarding my nutrition. It really is true what they say, you cannot out train a bad diet. With my customised Calories and Macronutrients, it really allowed me to reach my full potential in terms of my health and physique.


On top of that was a new way of training which showed me there is more to training than just the standard reps and sets. By constantly changing the workouts and workout variables, Mark continually challenged me in a safe, yet effective way.


So glad I decided to make this decision.

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