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Helping you create an unbeatable mindset towards your health, fitness, mentality & body


Hey. Im Mark.


I’ve spent my professional career helping people lose fat, and keep it off.


Zenith Fit Ltd prides itself on results, specialising in fat loss and building lean muscle, and aim to cover every aspect of your health & fitness to help you create a balance to work with the busiest of lifestyles.


With over 10 years in the industry, and over 20,000 hours of ‘on the floor’ personal training experience, it’s my role and responsibility to provide you with the tools to educate you to live a happier, more confident life.

Personal Training


Learn everything you need to know.


Whether Online Coaching or Face to Face Personal Training, the programs provide a more personal and in-depth approach to your training, nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, and how we can work a sustainable fitness and nutritional program into the busiest of lifestyles.


You will learn to understand the principles of training, exercise, mentality, as well as nutrition, to keep and carry with you for the rest of you life.


With either Online Coaching or Face to Face Training, you will reach a level of health and fitness, both physically and mentally, you have never reached before, in a simplified, sustainable and more importantly, enjoyable way.

Digital Training


The digital workout & nutritional programs are ready made and ready to go for you any time, any place. You can purchase the program, download it, and get started straight away. It really is that easy!


The downloadable Digital Training eBooks are designed to help you reach your goals and targets, in an easy, and controllable manner. Download the programs straight to your device and get started. Anywhere. Anytime!

Transforming your body, but also your mindset…..


Great results aren’t just physical. The emotional and mental improvements with confidence and self esteem are just as important. If not more so.


Thats exactly what we aim for at Zenith Fit. It’s not just a physical change……But a life changing experience.


You want results. We love helping people achieve results. Check out some of these fantastic transformations past and present clients have achieved on a Zenith Fit coaching program……

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