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Zenith Fit Ltd prides ourselves on results. We specialise in fat loss and building lean muscle, and aim to cover every aspect of your health & fitness to help you create a balance to work with the busiest of lifestyles.


It all starts with a deep breath… And a leap of faith

Transforming not just your physique, but your whole lifestyle…..


You want results. We love helping people achieve results. Check out some of these fantastic transformations past and present clients have achieved on a Zenith Fit Ltd coaching program……


Customised Macros & Calories

Fully customised macronutrient and calorie calculations to help you get all of the nutritional requirements you need in order to get the results you want as efficiently as possible

Bespoke Workout Programs

Finding the right workout for you is key to helping create a sustainable love for exercise. Every workout will be designed specifically for you, taking into account any injuries or limitations.

Unrivalled 24/7 Accountability

The problem with a lot of Online Coaching is the lack of assistance from coach to client. Not with this program. We aim to be there for you at every opportunity. Any questions, advice or motivation needed, we’;re here for you via the in app or website messaging service

Get Fit For Life


The Zenith Fit Fit Life program is an interactive training program that is designed to fit around the busiest of lifestyles. By following the nutritional programs, recipe books, weekly schedules and one to one interactive workouts you will learn how to sustain a balanced, healthy lifestyle, while burning body fat and building lean muscle.


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