Hello, I'm Mark.

Firstly, thanks for wanting to know a bit more about me, and Zenith Fit Ltd!

My passion for health & fitness started way back in my early teens, when I was a skinny kid who had no idea about training correctly, never mind about nutrition. After a brief spell in professional sports and some travelling around the globe, I started to discover how big a part of my life fitness was becoming.

Why choose Zenith Fit?


Over 20,000 hours of on-the-floor coaching

12 Years

Over 12 years of personal training experience


Over 500 (and counting) clients with amazing results

The Mission

Well, as cheesy as it sounds, my mission as a coach is to help empower people to increase their confidence and self esteem. All while improving their health and achieving incredible transformations in the process.

With over 10 years in the industry, and over 20,000 hours of ‘on the floor’ personal training experience, it’s my role and responsibility to provide you with all the tools and more, to educate you to live a happier, more confident life.

The Programs

Our programs include Online Coaching, One to One Personal Training and Digital Training, all tailored and customised specifically for you. Nutritionally, you will receive customised nutritional coaching as well as macronutrient and calorie calculations that will become the staple for sustainable progression.

So take a look at our programs on offer. Each will be specifically designed to suit your capabilities, as well as each individual goal you wish to reach.