Day 10

Welcome to day 10.


Today is about getting motivated, and more importantly, sustaining it.


Because motivation will come and go in waves.


So when it fades away, you’ll know how to get it back!


But not only that, it’s about getting re-motivated, even when you really don’t feel like it.


And thats why I use the ‘motivational circle’ to help with this.


It’s all in today’s video.


It’s invaluable information and something that has helped me throughout my health and fitness journey.


Have a watch and see how you can use this cycle to help you take action and sustain motivation for the long term.


Think about what you can do to take some action, to start the motivational cycle again.


Once you can learn how to sustain motivation all year round, you will be on a great path to success.


Its a game changer!!


Here is a podcast I have recorded about getting motivated. Listen to it HERE


Have a great day!


As ever, if you have any questions let me know, or just post them into the group. Don’t be shy.


And don’t forget to update your measurements on the measurement sheet today. Keep accountable to yourself with that!

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