Day 11

Who loves sleep?


I know I do.


However, I used to think that the less I slept, the more work I could get done.


I would be more proactive.


I could reach my goals faster.


Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t work like this.


A lack of sleep can lead to stress and weight gain amongst other things.


And thats not good!


Watch todays video to find out how a lack of sleep can severely hamper your fat loss goals, and why adequate sleep is so important.


As well as how you can try and get some more restful sleep.


As well as this, I have added an important download for you. This document will help to explain more about the importance of sleep.


The Importance of Sleep


Aim to implement some of the practices mentioned in the download to see how it can benefit your rest and sleep patterns.


If you have any questions head over to the Facebook Group.


Have a brilliant day, get some better sleep, and see you tomorrow.

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