Day 5

Today I’m discussing how your hunger and hydration levels will have a big impact of your progress with your fat loss goals.


I have attached a ‘Hunger Scale’ worksheet HERE


And more information around dietary fibre HERE


As well as how to beat the cravings HERE


Take a look at these and download them as the will help to break things down in an even simpler way.


Now let’s talk about hydration and how optimal hydration can hugely impact your fat loss goals.


Being dehydrated can really affect our energy levels, as well as our hunger, so keeping on top of our hydration can be a massive bonus towards a healthier lifestyle, and ultimately, fat loss.


I have also added a download that may help you to understand the importance of water and staying hydrated a bit more HERE


Please watch todays video to go into more depth around your hunger and hydration, and how it can impact your fat loss goals.


Because it can REALLY affect your fat loss goals!


And as always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to fire it over to me in the Facebook Group.


Have a great day, and see you tomorrow for day 6.

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