14 Day Challenge - Day 6

Day 6 – Supplements

Day 6

Supplements are the topic of today.


Everyone always wants to know what supplements to take to speed up fat loss.


But it’s not that easy…..


It’s actually a confusing topic.


So, why do we need supplements?


What supplements should we avoid?


Should we even take supplements at all?


Please watch todays video to learn more about supplementation and how it could affect your results.


I have attached 2 supplement guides to download HERE & HERE


Oh and one more thing today…..


I have attached a FREE Recipe Book HERE


It’s a recipe book, that only requires 5 ingredients per recipe! The aim is to make cooking as simple as possible.


Give a few of the recipes a go, and post your food pics in the Facebook Group!


The best recipe will get a FREE bonus Prize from the Zenith Fit team.


Have fun, and get cooking!


Oh, and don’t forget to update your measurements from the measurements sheet from day 2. Keep these stats updated!


See you tomorrow for day 7!

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