14 Day Challenge - Day 8

Day 8 – Activity & Exercise

Day 8

Welcome to week 2!


I can’t wait for this!!!


It’s time to start looking at your activity levels and taking things to the next level in relation to the calories you expend every day.


Watch todays video to see what the plan is for today, and the tasks I would like you to complete.


You will find an abundance attachments today to suit whatever you require to suit your exercise preference.


You will find:


A template workout that I would like you to try at home, a sample workout that you can do yourself at home or in the gym, as well as a blank workout template with which I would like you to use for today’s challenge.


As a further bonus, I have a link for a 5 day FREE trial for Zenith Fit Network. This is an information hub of everything you need to know in order to succeed with fat loss, getting fitter, stronger, healthier and happier. With video tutorials, workouts, exercise demonstrations, recipe books and recipe video tutorials.


Please click the link below to access you free trial:


5 Day FREE Trial


And the last download of a FREE 6 week running program, to help you start running, by combining resistance training to compliment a structured running plan.


Remember to post in the group if you need help or have any questions, and as always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to fire it over to me privately if you’d prefer.


Sample Workout

Blank Workout Template (Printable)

Blank Workout Template (Interactive)


And as an added bonus I have given you the 6 week running program. Please don’t feel you have to use this, but it can compliment your exercise nicely to burn more calories and feel fitter than ever before.


6 Week FREE Running Program


Have a brilliant day, and see you tomorrow ready for day number 9

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